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Wynnum Manly Denture Clinic

You wouldn’t go to your hairdresser to get somebody else to cut your hair.So why would you go to a dentist to make your teeth when they don’t actually construct your personal dentures.

ABC Denture Clinic is owned by a local dental technician and dental prosthetist in the Wynnum Manly Area with over 40 years of experience serving the local area.

All our dental work is professionally done through one person. Who you meet face-to-face, does your consultation, measurements, and construction of your dentures.

Do you want your dentures to feel good and look great?

Unlike other health-care practitioners who provide dentures, your dental prosthetist handles every detail of your treatment from impressions to the finished products. All work is done on-site, this means you can wait for emergency repairs and adjustments.

What is a dental prosthetist?

Dental prosthetists are specialized professionals experienced in the design, fabrication, insertion and adjustments of removable dentures. We do dentures, mouth guards, and more being skilled in the clinical and laboratory aspects of making dentures right for you.

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