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Partial Dentures Brisbane

Partial Dentures Brisbane

Constructed much the same way as full dentures, partial dentures are made to replace a small number of teeth missing.

Good quality partial dentures will…

• Make it easier to speak and chew
• Maintain the shape of your face
• Dramatically decreases your risk of periodontal disease
• Stops your teeth from shifting in your mouth
• And can even ease the stress and pain that your jaw might be experiencing.

When getting partial dentures made its essential that they are made with proper, high quality materials. That’s why here at ABC denture clinic we pride ourselves on handcrafting each and every set of dentures.

This means you can feel rest assured that your getting a high quality product that meets Australian Standards, unlike a lot of dentists who get dentures made overseas from low quality materials. Plus when you throw in Paul’s 40 years experience as a leading dental Prosthetist, you can be assured you’ll receive the most comfortable partial dentures of your life.

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