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Denture Reline Brisbane

Denture Reline Brisbane

Are your dentures starting to become uncomfortable or insecure in your mouth? If so, then you most likely need your dentures relined.denture reline brisbane

Just like your natural teeth, dentures need constant care. You likely already give them regular cleaning, however if they’ve become uncomfortable then or don’t fit properly any more, then its time to get them relined.

There are 3 reasons why your dentures might become uncomfortable:

1. Over time the bones and tissues in your mouth move and change.

2. Cleaning slowly wears away the fittings on your dentures

3. If you lose or gain weight the size of your gums changes making them less comfortable than before.

If any of these are happening to you, then we strongly recommend getting your denture relined.

There are two types of reline that you can get for your dentures. These include…

1. Hard denture reline- The material we use for impressions is replaced with a hard pink acrylic that is perfectly formed to the contours and shape of your mouth. We recommend having this type of reline done every 2-3 years as it will give you maximum between your dentures and gums to make them as comfortable as possible.

2. Soft Denture Reline – If you’re gums are too tender for hard relining, you can choose to get your denture surface relined with a softer, more flexible material. The downside of this type of reline is that it generally needs to be replaced more often to maintain a good fit.

Here at ABC Dentures we’ve been relining dentures for over 40 years with thousands of satisfied clients. So if you’d like to get your dentures relined with quality materials at an affordable price, then call us today on (07) 3396 7373.

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