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Bottom Dentures Brisbane

Bottom Dentures Brisbane

If your top teeth are all still healthy, but you suffer with your lower teeth, then you should consider bottom dentures.Bottom Dentures Brisbane

Bottom dentures are similiar to full dentures in the sense that they are a complete denture. However they differ in the sense that they are only for your lower jaw. This means that they are usually more affordable, and less intrusive.

Unlike what many will have you believe, getting bottom dentures isn’t the end of your eating life unless you get them poorly made.

For over 40 years we’ve been creating high quality dentures for our clients. By using high quality materials that comply with Australian Standard, and hand making all of our bottom dentures, you can feel rest assured that you’ll be thrilled with the result. If you have problems with stability with lower dentures, then dental implants are recommended.

Bottom dentures will help you…

  • Feel confident in your appearance
  • Enjoy a meal with friends once again
  • Speak clearly and confidently

In the unlikely chance that you’ve had bad experiences with bottom dentures before, then I’d highly recommend considering over dentures.

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